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People are shocked when they realize how much money they could be saving each month by switching to solar. Here at Parrot Solar, we control the whole process to bring added savings and smooth customer experience. Everything, starting from the initial evaluation is done in-house to reduce costs and provide a memorable customer experience. Our installation crew has experience installing over 600 installations to ensure your project is installed to meet your expectations in the upmost professional manner.

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We Use Aurora Solar Technology

This software gives us the ability to determine the size/facing of the roof, how much sun light is received, and any shading

For each proposal, we use industry-leading software to determine the characteristics of your roof, amount of sun, and any shading your house receives. Our software also takes into account of 30 years of NOAA weather data for all locations to determine the expected number of cloudy and sunny days. This allows us to provide an extremely accurate proposal without the need for a site visit.

*Site visits are performed before any installation.
*All installations are completed by Parrot Solar, Inc.
*Your information will not be shared and will only be used for the purpose of this project

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What kind of solar-powered systems do we install?

Our solar installers have experience with many different solar system design projects. You can depend on us to install:

About Parrot Solar

Parrot Solar was started in 2018 by, Tommy Cusick, out of his garage in Jacksonville, FL. His determination to bring solar to every homeowner with a roof is not an easy challenge. Parrot Solar was started from the very core principles of customer service and economics to reduce the time and cost of getting solar. Our best price guarantee assures you are getting the most competitive price upfront with no up-selling or hidden fees. This is a key element we feel to an enjoyable customer experience and provides the ability to continue to offer industry-leading savings in Northeast, FL. Our services will always be kept inhouse to assure all customers know who to contact any time before, during, or after installation of their new Solar Photovoltaic System.

commercial solar panel installation jacksonville fl