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St. Johns County

Solar Energy In St. Johns County

Lower your energy bill in St. Johns County by installing Solar Energy to your home or business! Parrot Solar strives to provide high quality solar energy at a more reasonable cost. With our professional team, we do everything in house to ensure your taken care of and delivered the best results. We are partnered with companies like Tesla to utilize the highest quality materials.

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Why Choosing Solar Benefits St. Johns County

Adding Solar Energy to your home or business in St. Johns County increases the value to your home. It’s seen the same as renovating your home! Hurricane season means potential power outages. It can be brutal to endure the Florida weather without power. With Solar Energy Storage, you will have back up energy for the just-in-case! There are also additional tax credits with switching to solar. Going green while saving green!

Utility Companies In The Area

Below are a few examples of utility companies within St. Johns county

Florida Power & Light Company

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