Conserve Solar Power With an Energy Storage System

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Power outages can be overwhelming, stressful and inconvenient. Pairing your solar system with a battery provides help against power outages and saves energy that would normally go back to the grid. Parrot Solar will create an energy storage system for your property in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida. This system stores solar power in a built-in battery to use at a later date.

Your solar battery storage system will serve as an emergency generator, minus the gas usage and loud noises. Tax incentives are in place for these systems, as well.

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Solar battery storage comes with a lot of benefits

Solar panels are a great way to obtain clean energy for your home. But what if your home is soaking up more energy than you're using? Parrot Solar can create a solar battery storage unit to preserve that energy and save it for a later date.

By having an energy storage system in your home, you can:

  • Have usable energy during a power outage
  • Maintain a net-zero energy bill
  • Receive a tax credit and utility rebates

Save money, energy and stress by adding an energy storage system to your home in St. Augustine & Jacksonville, FL. Get started with Parrot Solar today by calling 904-GO-SOLAR (904-467-6527).

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