Parrot Solar now offers detailed no obligation custom proposals sent directly to your inbox within 24 hours.

How can we do this?

We are a full service solar contracting company, not someone looking to sell your information. We specialized in residential solar systems and use the leading technology allowing us to conduct shading analysis using LIDAR data, predict weather patterns with 30 years of historic NOAA weather data from your exact location, determine the size and pitch of your roof, and conclude with 98% accuracy how much solar power your system will produce and save.

Your custom solar proposal will include the following:

Energy Consumption Analysis: By using your average electric bill we combine this with local data form your utility to estimate yearly electric needs.

Custom Design: Professional 3D digital design mapping your entire roof to determine optimal location for solar panels on your roof.

Production Simulation: Estimated solar energy production your system will generate.

System Specifications: Details on the materials we hand select for your climate and region.

Savings Plan: Include estimated savings with our zero out of pocket option and cash purchase return on investment.

Incentives: We will inform you about all local and federal incentives.

Irradiance simulation shows us exactly how much solar power your roof receives

LIDAR Simulation uses sonar to detect any shading your home receives

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Eligible Counties Include: St. Johns, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Clay, Volusia, and Putnam

Have a question? Email us at or call 904.GO.SOLAR / 904.467.6527

If you live outside the following counties please contact us directly.

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